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Malaysia Online Shopping

Why you make shop online or any store so you should know which one is better, here we are describing what things is better: Buy Online or Buy in Shop...

The way we buy essential items is increasingly changing today. Now, we have a lot of choices in shopping whether online or in stores. If you have time to shop, you can just go to the mall, but if you do not have time, it's possible to buy online.

It's true if you buy online faster, easier and a great selection of items. But it should be noted that, items ordered online are unlikely to be as good as the expected quality. There has been a lot of cases, where items ordered directly are not the same as in the picture after being received. In terms of the quality of the goods as well, we do not know as long as the ordered goods do not reach the hands of how.

For Example: I went to shop offline at Zalora where i saw many brands but wasn't effective as well as soo costly apart from that i saw this brand online where i got various top brands, also huge discount on every product and you won't beleive that the same product and price was getting vary, it was also providing zalora free shipping code on purchase.

Physical Store:-

Online Store


  • No postage charges.
  • No need to wait for the item to arrive.
  • Can see the quality of the goods themselves.


  • Lack of available brand choices.
  • Most likely the price is more expensive than items sold online.
Online Store:-
Physical Store


  • A wide selection of brands for a product.
  • Prices are more competitive.


  • Can not see the quality of purchased goods.
  • There is a charge for posting.
  • Need to wait for stuff coming home.
  • It is possible to get artificial stuff.

For the purchase of daily necessities, it is best to buy in the store. You can see for yourself the quality of goods, prices, brands, and so on. There is no shipping cost or hidden cost, because you are buying the goods yourself. We have gone to MR. D.I.Y. to make a price comparison if online purchases are worth more or not if you buy directly at the store for the item you are looking for. Here are some items we could take for price comparisons.

I compared on various aspects, Farfetch & Zalora they offer same stuff online. Farfetch has a costly and branded product but not gives a huge discount. It's only provide farfetch free shipping promo code.

Zalora is for everyone, its provide a huge discount on every product. This fashion company is for all class family such as rich, middle & poor.

We're into MR. D.I.Y. to make a price comparison whether it's worth buying at a store or just buying online for the stuff you're looking for. Here are some items we could take to compare prices.

The items we collect then are comparable to the selected items that are almost identical to the dionline sale. Each item will be comparable to the other two types of brands which can be bought online. As a result, we have received answers if shopping at a shop or online is whichever is better. So it's good to see one at a time for the items that have been selected.

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